Recumbent.....'Challenge Hurricane' for sale

betty swollocks

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Thought I'd let the good folk here have a gander, before I ebay it.

Five years old.
Suitable for person with inside leg of 30 inches and smaller. May fit a slightly bigger person....just depends how much further out the boom will come.
Alu frame has a few superficial scratches and has never been pranged. Blue.
Pics and small youtube movie on this thread.

Shimano 105 chainset with 65/53 tooth chainrings. The 53 is a replacement after the original wore out, as is the chain and 11-32 XT cassette. Chain and cassette are a few hundred miles old.

XT rear derailleur with new-ish replacement jockey wheels.

Brakes: Magura 'Louise'. These are the originals, but with replaced pads in. Never really been happy with these, because I feel they are too powerful and lack modulation. Others may feel different.

'katana' mono-blade front fork. Makes fixing punctures a doddle. There is a special key needed for front wheel removal, which I have and will be supplied.

XT rear hub.

Rear shock - Cane Creek air shock. This is a replacement of the original, which just had a crude spring. Transformed the ride!

I'm looking for about £800-900 and would be willing to throw in a few odds and sods spares, like the shock pump and bag for the rack.

Any questions, please feel free to ask or pm me.
If you want to come and have a look and go for a test ride (recommended), I'm in West Berkshire.

betty swollocks

betty swollocks

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Withdrawn from sale.
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