Recumbent Hase Trets for sale


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Hi all

Youngest lad has now grown out of his Hase Trets Trike. We purchased it from London Recumbents and has just been serviced by them. He has really enjoyed his time on the trike. It gave him gave him confidence on road while not worrying about balance (he has balance issues) He has moved onto his brothers Trike (Hase Kett), as well as eventually gaining the confidence to balance on two wheeled bikes. It is very versatile and ideal for those able and those that might be less able (it is typically sold as a bike for those with neuromuscular disorders as well as those with restricted movement) . Gives them great confidence and independence.
Trike in good condition and comes with Webber hitch so that you can connect to a two wheeled bike.
Spec is as follows
Sora rear mech
Sram MX shifter - 7 gears
Avid BB7 disc brakes
Shimano Parallax front hub
Hase Universal rear hubs
114mm cranks
Weber Hitch
Instruction Manual of similar is here -
Rider height between circa 1 to 1.5m - you adjust the from boom as the rider grows
Price - these are not cheap items - Looking at around £800 including the weber hitch
Pictures below
I will be adding this to other sites also given the speciality of the trike

Any questions then please ask and I will try to help.



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Hi is this still for sale?
Regards Phil
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