Discussion in 'Recumbents, Trikes and HPVs' started by coinstar2k, 18 Jun 2008.

  1. coinstar2k

    coinstar2k New Member

  2. Riding in Circles

    Riding in Circles Veteran

    It's quite tongue in cheek, pro bent but a little out of date on stereotypes, most of my customers are roadies who want something a bit more comfy, a bit faster or as a practical alternative to a car.
  3. OP

    coinstar2k New Member

    That was pretty much my reaction too. Sometimes I think it is pro bent and sometimes anti bent. Some of it is funny though. I like his comment about draftin' the flag.
  4. Riding in Circles

    Riding in Circles Veteran

    The problem with that kind of blog is that some will take it seriously and it puts a divide between the wedgies and bent riders.
  5. Johnny Thin

    Johnny Thin New Member

    Thanks God you can just skim your eye over that sort of waffle in seconds, without having to actually read it, to realise what rubbish it is.
  6. BentMikey

    BentMikey Rider of Seolferwulf

    South London
    Hahaha, I think it's pretty funny. Tongue in cheek innit.
  7. Fiona N

    Fiona N Well-Known Member

    I like the rave against flags (or more specifically, two flags) :ohmy: I don't like flags as a 'safety device' (I mean, a truck managed to run over my Windcheetah while it was sporting 2 dayglo orange pannier covers and an eye-level (for cars) dayglo cover on the tailbox - what difference would 100cm2 of yellow nylon make?).
    Non-bent riders always seem to ask why I don't sport a flag ( I can see they're also gagging to ask why I also don't wear a helmet, but that's another story). Sometimes I do, when I'm feeling jolie and fancy a little gaiety about the place I add the long coloured streamers :?:
  8. Riding in Circles

    Riding in Circles Veteran

    After years of riding without a flag I have started using one, don't really know why. I even wore a helmet for my 40 miler this afternoon, but just because it was windy, managed to get over some pretty bad off road bits on the Catrike Expedition today where they are building the new motorway and have dug up the shared use paths. Then found a fantastic cycle lane between right past Gravesend, the old A2, completely empty now they have blocked it and redirected cars onto the new road. I will write to them and suggest they keep a lane intact to act as a cycle route when they re landscape, I expect they will ignore the idea but nothing ventured nothing gained.

    I enjoy triking far to much.
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