Red Orbit road bike stolen from London W2, 9th May

Dan B

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More in hope than expectation: if anyone sees my red bike around the place in future, it was stolen from round the back of Whiteleys in Queensway on Sunday and is no longer in my possession :-( Feel free to padlock it to the nearest solid object and give me a call to come and collect it

That photo's not entirely up to date: when stolen it was wearing cheap wheels with black slightly-aero rims (not Campags), and also had lights, a rack, pannier, and bar tape

On the lookout for a new around-town bike now ...


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coruskate said:
Not mine - it has a sloping top tube and mine is horizontal. But good find!

I deleted my post as on closer inspection it was a obviousley a different bike. Sorry for getting your hopes up:blush:
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