Refurbished step through

Mark Grant

Acting Captain of The St Annes Jombulance.
Hanworth, Middx.
Not really a resto as I have in no way tried for originality!
I picked up this BSA Granada a few years ago with one wheel for £7. I stripped it down, painted the frame & guards etc with 2 pack then wrapped it up and it got put on the back burner. Tidying the garage last week I thought I may as well finish it.
Managed to find most of the bits I'd removed from it, the rest were found in the spares box. New alloy wheels, new tubes and pretty cream tyres. The saddle bag (looks like NOS) came free with the Raleigh Misty I bought a couple of weekends ago, saddle is from a Raleigh Twenty. Brakes, cable & levers were new in a packet from a boot sale for £3.
Need to sort out some decals.
Probably spent more than it's worth but I knew that would be the case.





middle of nowhere in France
looks great x


Middle Earth
Stunning - love it!
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