Reginald D Hunter. Funny guy!


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Saw Reg Hunter last night and, like Ken Dodd, you needed a calendar to time his act rather than a watch as he was on for soooo long. He was very good but travels with a foul mouthed, young Billy Connolly-looking Aussie who was the warm up. Then mid-way through his act, Reg goes on about wanting a slave and bringing Steve on to pour him drinks.

Anyway, the warm-up was full of really foul-mouthed and a spiteful hatred of tories, the gainfully employed, the PC brigade and eventually won everyone over to his side of things and we were all falling about laughing.

Then Reg comes on and admits he's been influenced by the foul language of his travelling mate and peppers his act with the C word, particularly. He reckons that when he goes back to Georgia, he can use the word with impunity as no-one knows what it means. 'It's some kind of racoon' he reckons the reaction is. Seriously, if he's on near you, go and see him; he's great!


I saw him when he first came over, as just another act at Jongleurs, but he stood out as having a talent then. It is my intention to catch him again, very good.


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Got a double-helping last year at the Fringe when he was a panellist on The Unbelievable Truth recording at the Pleasance. What they didn't say on the ticket was that they were recording two shows, one after the other, with the same guests (to be broadcast weeks apart when the series hit the radio).

A very funny guy indeed - it took them about an hour and a half to get through the first show (which is edited down to 1/2hr for broadcast) as he was so on form!


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Saw him on that tell a lie programme, trying to make out the D in his name stands for Delicious.

'Course my other name is Reginald...uh...Reginald meaning leader, hero, vanquisher of foes. And Delicious which means...very tasty...
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