Relaunched Vitus - any good?

James D

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Well, N+1 rears it's ugly head again. There I was innocently :angel: browsing the web looking for some new winter tyres when I saw this:

Does anyone have any experience of Vitus bikes since the brand was relaunched by Chain Reaction Cycles? I know that Sean Kelly is involved with the brand but if anyone's got one of these bikes I'd really like to know what you think of it, how it rides seems too good to be true esp with a 23% discount...



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One got a very good review in cycling active a little while back, decium iirc


I haven't seen or ridden one but the reviews have been decent. But with an advertising budget like CRC's, which magazine is going to slag off one of their products anyway?

The frames are probably made by either Giant or Merida and all the components are parts bin, so choice is about weighing up factors like - brand traditions/race history & heritage, owning something different, resale value and overall value for money of the spec. If you search the end of season sales I'd be surprised if you couldn't find something that scored higher on many of those factors.
James D

James D

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Cheers for the feedback guys - have to say it's very tempting. Carbon and DuraAce for less than 2k. Got to be worth a look...
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