Reminder: It's Water Bomb Season! :-(

Just a heads up to remind people that school holidays + warm light nights = wet missiles thrown from street corners.

Warned one cyclist as I was walking to the shop who was alert to the risk but it's a busy road and fast when traffic eases, one water bomb could so easily kill a cyclist or motorcylist.

Watch out for those gangs of kids!

I was initially pleased and considered helping apprehend the little gits when one car that had fallen victim to an unwanted interior valet (admittedly impressive sniper shot through the half-down window, got to give grudging credit) stopped and challenged them but wanted no part of it when the whole of the argument was "effing little p*ki bastards" - absolutely no need for it :wahhey:

Chamfus Flange

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Woking, Surrey
Never experience water being thrown at me. Today would have been a perfect day for it. I was melting.

fossyant said:
Just an open bag of Watsits for me.....:biggrin:

Like the fact the kids got a car though...... revenge.......:wahhey:
Yeah but..

Kids got a car similarly with a snowball on Xmas Eve and if I'd not been held up by someone pulling out in front of me I'd have been on my bike sat at the front of the queue when the snowballed driver hit the kerb and the car bounced across and smashed into the car that was at the lights.

Same area, probably same kids


One thrown at me last week from a foot bridge. Missed tho. I blame the lack of competative sports taught at school. In my day we were taught how to throw.

Was hit by a turnip a few years ago.
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