Removing pedals


HelenD123 said:
I swapped them onto the Galaxy from another bike only this week, well greased them and didn't tighten them up so there shouldn't be any problems removing them. Actually there won't be any problems because I just remembered I'll be boxing the bike up at home:blush:. I'll go with the option of buying a cheap spanner at the other end or asking nicely at a bike shop. One less problem to think about. I'd better be off to tape up my bars and wrestle the bike into the box. Thanks everyone.
Have a great trip Helen, look forward to your comments on the return. I think the pedal issue will be a minor problem as you can always just put them on hand tight to get to a bike shop.

I too am flying on Wed and hoping that we do not have Ash Wednesday.

Gerry Attrick

Lincolnshire Mountain Rescue Consultant
I have already communicated my best wishes for the trip, but have a good 'un. Ride safe.
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