Replacement Carbon Fork for Redigeback Genesis Day 02 2006/07


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Could someone recommend a replacement carbon fork for my Genesis Day 02 2006/07 model?

(sadly fork and front wheel were stolen)

It's this bike:

I tried contacting Ridgeback directly but no response and I assume it's unlikely they keep original replacement parts.

I am on a budget, don't really what to spend more than around £50 to £80 as I also need buy a new front wheel/tyre/tube and pay for someone to put the bike back together and if the price starts creeping up I might be better off just buying a replacement bike on the second hand market.

Thank you.


Don't think you'll get a carbon fork for £80 :sad:


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There are plenty on eBay for around £40. Whether the quality is any good is a different question.

I really want something that is as close as possible to the original Aero Fork that came with the Day 02.


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Ribble have a number of carbon forks for between £70 and £80. Whereabouts are you based? I have a Xero front wheel that came off my ridgeback genesis day 01 many years ago, to which you are welcome to collect or arrange shipping. You would need a QR skewer to go with it though, but you can buy those for £20 a pair.
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