Replacement handlebar grips for revoshift


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The handlebar grips on my son's bike are badly worn and I would like to replace them. This bike is a 6 speed and only has a Shimano revoshift on the right hand side. The grips look like a matching pair and I would like to replace them both but would prefer not to have to cut the right hand grip down if a full length grip used.

Does anyone know where I could buy the shorter grips for use with twist gear shifters and if these would be available with a matching full length grip?


You can buy shorter grips just for using with twist grips. However, they come as pairs of the same length - I guess they assume you have both a left and right had shifter! I have a pair of the shorter ones and also a single short one - they are the gripshift ones. If you are interested


Ergon make grips for twist shifters. Left grip is full size. Right grip is shorter. Good quality, though a bit expensive.
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