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I'm not very keen on this type of website, they seem unnecessary. On the few occasions that I have felt my life seriously endangered by reckless driving I have been satisfied with the police handling of the incident.


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It is debatable how useful the website really is, but I am amazed by the number of posts it has received.

I think this does highlight the fact that many people are dismayed be the lack of enforcement of basic traffic regulations by the police. The police are currently putting a lot of resources into tackling "anti-social behaviour", but fnfortunately this doesn't seem to include dangerous driving.


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Wrong! The Police have new powers to use the Police National Computer to log reports by members of the public who witness bad driving. If a vehicle receives four reports the owner will be visited by the Police and given a "producer" notice.

Only a few Police forces are publicising this though. We are doing it in our street and we believe it is making a difference because most of the speeders are local drivers who race through habitually to beat traffic lights on the parallel main road.
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