Research Questionaire - Electric Bikes, would you use one?


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really sorry to bother you all !!:smile:

I am currently undertaking research into the electric bike market for my dissertation project at university! I really need some valuable responses of people who have an interest in electric bikes and currently struggling to get responses.

It will only take 5-10 minutes and I would really value any responses!

Here is the link:

Thanks in advance :smile:!!!

p.s. if you could share this to anyone who would be suitable and willing to fill it out that would also be GREAT !!
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you need to consider some important issues with this study.

1, you have asked how often the person cycles... you then go on to ask if they use an electric bike. If they cycle at all and don't use an electric bike, why is the next question do you use a push bike? what else are they going to be cycling on.
2 - very few of us would be buying a bike from Halfords or Argos.. What happened to a local bike shop (LBS)?
3 - very few of us here would consider buying a bike from Amazon or eBay for the figure you are talking about without knowing a lot more about the bike. I certainly would not and I now own 4 bikes.
4 - what is it with the colours. what happens if we don't associate any of those colours with an electric bike. they could easily be associated with any colour in my view...

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I thought it was a pretty good survey.

Always hard to express everything.

Good the idea of electric town rentals is great, in principle...but could lead to a good many accidents if not considered really well.


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I agree I typed my LBS name in the free text box, but thought some questions odd about the logos matching or not matching. Sounded like someone tying to work out the business model without fully understanding their market.


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If this is what someone is pumping out in the last year of their degree, the Lord help us...
When I did a questionnaire on a pre-uni course years back, the tutor checked it over before giving us the go-ahead.
Don't they do that now? Are the students expected to 'get it right' on their own?

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I am refusing to do the survey due to the reported spelling mistakes.

It's the only way the OP will learn.

I also agree with Reg, illiterate graduates devalue those students who have taken the trouble to achieve a basic standard.
I rather suspect that the homework given is "do an online survey" rather than trying to find out anything in particular. Back in the old usenet days, students used to be told to use a news group to ask a question. They'd duly ask "what's a good mountain to climb" or some such nonsense. I blame the teachers frankly
I'd agree there are some design issues with the survey, but I've completed it. It doesn't cater for the add-on market where you convert an existing bike, and I'd query the statement that the average price for a new electric bike is £1,200. The very cheapest I've seen is £800, but most seem to be around £2,000.


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I had to gave up at the same point as ScotiaLass. The question was mandatory, but there was no valid option available because I'd previously stated I wouldn't have bought from those online retailers. Poor survey design.
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