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Rather enjoyed the spectacle of Mahut vs Isner last night - crazy, crazy game in a sport I'm not that fussed about. A really astonishing unfolding of events and demonstration of guts and skill, almost seems a shame there has to be a winner.

Being the curmudgeon I am, though, heard John McEnroe make this commentary, helpfully repeated in text form here :

We don't get enough respect at times and our respect level is going to go way up because of this.
C'mon Johnny... not enough respect, boo hoo hoo, but plenty of cash, eh!? So wind in your neck and enough of the hubris already!



I agree, I will watch the final, but am not a dedicated tennis fan. My wife and I tuned into the match mid evening and were astounded at the resilience and competitiveness of the pair. Good luck to both, shame that someone will lose, both deserve to progress, simply based upon the gutsy performance.
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