A short time ago, while cycling to work, I had the worst "close pass" I`ve ever had. The offending van passed me and scraped my elbow is it did:eek: One more inch and I could have been in a very bad way.

Luckily, for me, it belonged to a company, who`s name I made a mental note of, and when I got to work I found their website and they got an email from me showing my gratitude for the way their driver had behaved.

Then I heard nothing..........................

Until this morning. When I had a reply from the guy himself. There were a few textbook excuses in there but he was very apologetic, and very nice about it. I did thank him, for being a big enough man to reply to me and admit being in the wrong, and to be honest I was taken by surprise. A victory for the cyclist I think:okay:


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See, good things do happen on the commute...

Nice to know you got a result you're happy with.


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I ride like they are all out to kill me. Not deliberately, perhaps, but through inattention, haste, the huge size of the ubiquitous 3/4 ton diesel pickups, and simply not expecting to find a cyclist on the street. Of course, some are drunk or on meth, or maybe just texting.
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