Retired after 1st days commute!


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I started work in Covent Garden last November and I bought myself a scooter for the 5 mile commute to the railway station. Ridden it every day except for when the snow was thick. Last Tuesday riding home I thought it was too easy and I should cycle. Plus its the best time to sell the scooter.

Saturday was a trial run on my 10 year old Trek MTB which went ok. I had a full lever arch file to carry on Monday so excused my first commute till today.

The morning went fine, 200 ft climb got the sweat up but it was downhill for the last mile so good recovery time. Even changing from shorts to office gear in train toilet wasn't bad. Coming home though I got a puncture, and as well as piercing the tube was also slashed partially through though so I wasn't able to get a good repair. It lasted 2 miles, and I walked home 2 miles. That's my cycling over for this week :laugh:

I'm on the original Bontrager MTB tyres that I fitted with the plastic liners last year after a spate of 4 punctures during towpath rides. I've decided to ditch them and have now ordered new rim tape, puncture resistant tubes and Continental City Ride tyres.

So I'll be back on my scooter for the rest of the week, but should be back on my bike for next week :smile:


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Welcome to Cycle Chat Fordy.. and bad luck with the bad luck.. glad to see you will be getting back on your bike an recommencing the commute. It's a great time of year to start commuting


Re-tyred, shurely. ;)

I'm sure that the ride will be a load easier and more fun on the road tyres. Enjoy.


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New tyres arrived today, excellent service from Even came with free tubes that I wasn't expecting, so a bargain at £10 each delivered. I found the link on here after practically every tyre on wiggle was out of stock.

I'm looking forward to fettling over the weekend and having a re-run on Monday.
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