Revolution - Tickets on sale


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Just booked early bird tickets via my British Cycling membership for all 3 Manchester dates for me and my lad.

£15 for adults and £10 for kids.

Take note, Mr. Coe, take note!!


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Sucks that the finale is in Glasgow this year.

Couldn't make it last year, but if a fair few people from CC are going to go this year, shall we try to block book when tickets go up for general release? If there is any interest, we can work out logistics of who will attend each heat.

Noodley will you be coming down for the heats or are you just going to the final, which this time is much closer to you? Not sure if I'll travel to Glasgow for the finale (esp as the World Cup is at Glasgow too and I cant afford to do it twice), but I will probably try to attend the 1st 3 events.


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Booked our tickets for the three Manchester meetings already.
""To purchase tickets please go to Official Ticket Supplier Quay Tickets and use the promo code REV2012.""
And webpage is
Supposed to favour us season ticket/email clients first but all do help yourself - we are in prime seats over finishing line. Maybe we should meet up there? Been watching Rev since the first one in Autumn 2002 when Vicky was a little girl in pig tails sitting with her parents. Wonder whatever became of her?


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Thanks all, I always miss the tickets for this.

Managed to get some but all the family finish line ones seem to have gone so back straight for us.

Didn't manage to get anything for the olympics so the kids will be delighted.
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