Ribble website playing up a bit...?


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Just been trying to order some new tyres, but when I search or click on the links I get the ...
"Sorry, we couldn't find what you are looking for OR it has just sold out .." page.

If I go through a deirect link it seems ok, such as http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/ro...elin-Pro-4-Endurance-Folding-Tyre/MICHTYRF221

Not keen on putting my details in if the sites not 100% and may be compromised, or is it just my PC playing up?

Smokin Joe

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They appear to haver problems, I've just got the same.
It says something like 'Sorry, we try our best to spell phonetically etc' when you click on say cassette, or tyre on the side panel. Unfortunately, even when the website has been working, I've had to click 'cassette' quite a number of times recently but have given up on them. They are, without a shadow, the cheapest out there for components, but they never have anything in stock and therefore represent no more than a complete waste of my time.

Parker International are the new beneficiaries.
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