rich, living... Brighton has a Green MP. Well done to her and power to her elbow in Parliament.

"...I hope there will continue to be sustainable breakfasts at the Madeira Café for the next five years and the proprietor will continue to be tough on grime and tough on the causes of grime..."

She must be one happy candidate!

rich p

ridiculous old lush

A bright light amid the gloom; at least my girl won!


Here for rides.
comment on the argus website "She'll have you all on bikes!"

and what would be wrong with that? Driving in Brighton is H.E.L.L.
theclaud said:
...more? :smile:


Secret Lemonade Drinker
762 people in my area voted Green :biggrin:

Only 23,566 less than the winning Conservatives. Bit of work to do here, methinks?

Most irritating though is 1865 BNP voting idiots of my fellow constituents were more concerned with their bigotted, racist views than they were about the environment that sustains them?

'Send the pakki's back to where they came from' as a lady female told me on Thursday - after proudly claiming that she'd voted BNP. :thumbsup::biggrin:

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