Ride out from sunderland...


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I having to go to Sunderland with my son on Saturday, and I'll have a few hours free.

Do I cycle out from sunderland or do I drive back out to Consett or similar and ride into the hills from there.

It looks like a dual carriageway nightmare for 20 miles or so!!


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There's the C2C cycle route which would go from Sunderland to Consett and back. Pretty much all off-road.


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As mentioned by @DCLane , there is the C2C route. If you wanted something "easier" there is reasonable cycling along the coast, certainly in the direction of South Shields. It is quite possible to make a "loop" of (say) 20 miles, all on tracks, or, quietist roads (we do so regularly hybrids). At South Shields, you could even take the Ferry (or cycle inland a short distance, and use Pedestrian/Cycle Tunnel), and then to Newcastle, or Blyth. There is also cycling along the coast towards Seaham, although, I am not personally familiar with that route.


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How long are you planning on riding? I possibly could make it but I'm still doing work in the house and I really could do with getting stuff sorted before I go out to play.
Quite fancy part of the c2c.
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