Rides around Ludlow

I am heading down south to visit our in-laws in Lancashire and then heading further south to visit other relatives in Shropshire (Ludlow). We will be down for a week (ish) so I convinced my wife that taking my bike down was a good idea.

So does anyone know any good routes around the Ludlow area? 40 ish miles or so would be ideal to keep the fitness ticking over.:sad:
I've no knowledge of the area, you could try something like Bikely.


Thanks RT. There certainly seem to be quite a few lanes around there. Are they all in reasonable condition and relatively traffic free?


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Anywhere in the lanes round there is good. You could always head up towards The Longmynd and tackle 'The Burway'!!!!

Not for the faint hearted or those suffering from vertigo, it is one serious climb!!!
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