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My family are going to be spending Christmas at my sister's place. She lives outside Loddiswell, near Kingsbridge in Devon. I'm keen to take the bike and am looking for a loop that will get me out for a couple or three hours.

The obvious one is this one: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1501681

Loddiswell - Ledstone - Aveton Gifford - Modbury - Wrangaton - Totnes - Harbertonford - Ledstone - Loddiswell.

Does anyone with local knowledge have any comments on the route? It looks fairly hilly, which is OK, but I'm more concerned about the safety of all the roads. I have down in that area once before and there were a lot of narrow roads with high hedgerows, and there didn't seem to be many cyclists out. I normally cycle in and around Bristol so am used to a fair bit of traffic, but would obviously like to avoid dangerous roads.

Any alternative suggestions would be most welcome.
I don't know that route specifically but I have done a lot of miles on Devon lanes which are just as you describe. It's not a problem really, the only real issues are mud and slurry on the road in bad weather. Drivers are (touch wood) nearly always considerate because they will have the same visibility problems with the high hedges and bends as you will. Just keep your eyes and ears peeled, you'll be fine.

Oh and Totnes is fab. :wacko:


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Agree with Chuffy.

Have a look on www.bikely.com under 'tangoman' - that's me or my good friend 'ken knight'. You'll find some good routes there that you can adapt to suit.

The road from Loddiswell to Wrangaton is fairly busy at commute time with lots of very angry drivers keen to get home as quickly as possible but it's not that bad.

I live in Plympton and he lives in Yealmpton and we're both involved with various local cycle groups.

The local roads are fine, not much traffic but watch out for cow s#it or ice on the lanes if it's very cold - though looking at the weather forecast I think it will be wet over Christmas.

i would make a point of checking out the local lanes as they afford some stunning views of the South Hams, Dartmoor and the coast. A good one is from Modbury through California Cross and down to Gara Bridge with a big climb out to Moreleigh. My South Hams Scenic route goes out to Dartmouth then along the coast to Slapton and Torcross - one of my favourites - have a look.

I'd stay away form the A381 from Totnes to Kingsbridge as although it offers a very good long climb it is quite busy with (again) angry motorists

Also if you take the coast road from Flete Estate to Battisborough Cross and onto Noss Mayo and Newton Ferrers is a nice run and a touch flatter.

You could always ride out with the YOGi's. If you want to get in touch contact me on messages and I'll give you the email address.

Apologies if I've gone s bit anoraky but this is a lovely area for cycling if a little hard. Any further questions ask away.

I really should go to bed but am still buzzing from tonights training hence the enthusiasm.


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Thanks for the replies. I'll maybe still go for the initial loop I proposed, but will also check out a loop round Dartmouth and Torcross.

I'm not the quickest on the hills, so I wouldn't want to burden a group with my presence. Though I am curious as to who or what the YOGis are...
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