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So...I have been looking at bikes for quite some time now and have been in and out of various stores.

Eventually, after quite a bit of research and discussion i decided to go with the Ridgeback Supernova Hybrid as it was a cracker of a deal. Usually RRP'ng at £799 i managed to pick one up for £430 including helmet and combo lock as the frame had a slight knock from the factory. The bike comes with a full warranty and is a nice ride.

So, getting to the point, my question really is are these bikes any good? All i'm after in a bike is something to get me about town, up and down kerbs and the odd bit of light off roading through forests and on cycle paths. My research tells me that this bike is ideal and I'm wondering if any of the forum users on here have any experiences of this bike.

Thank you

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Hi and :welcome: @Craigr85.

I don't know that specific model but Ridgeback is a well respected make and looking at their website (LINK for those who are interested) the Supernova has a good spec. It should be easily capable of the kind of riding you describe.:okay:

Have fun with it and let us know how you're getting on.


The family have two ridgeback bikes, not had any problems so far despite abuse. Not the cheapest but decent kit and well screwed together by lbs (Arragons in Penrith).



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Hi there. Had my supernova for 3 years, and it does my 10 miles each way commute nice and brisk, road or towpath. It also carries my shopping. Enjoy!


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I was looking at a Ridgeback Flight 04 the other day, it was £699 down from £899 due to a scratch on the frame, but there were quite a few dinks in them.

Looked a fine bike otherwise, though.


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near Hornsea
I have a Ridgeback Panorama touring bike, about 5 years old now & never had an issue with anything, apart from 1 broken spoke. I'd try & avoid 'up & down kerbs' as this won't help your wheels a great deal :okay: Enjoy the ride!


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I've also had a couple of Ridgeback hybrids and they have both been solid bikes, great value for money for the sort of riding you're talking about and fine for a bit more too. I did my first London to Brighton ride on a Ridgeback.


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I guess I'm going back to my BMX days when i say up and down kerbs, sometimes is easier to ride on the pavement through parts of the city.

So far so good with the hybrid, still not too sure on the colour but i guess i'll get used to it

Ridgebacks are good reliable bikes, my old one, still at my parents done over 6,000miles before I moved down; don't have room for it at the moment. I must ask though why do you want a bike that can go up and down kerbs :wacko:


As an aside I'm sure the guy who wrote "one man and his bike," rode around the UK on his everyday bike which was a Ridgeback .....

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