Ridgeback century



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I guess that's a definite maybe.....


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hAD a look on Tredz website out of interest.Wouldnt do for me,with the small chainring at 34 teeth and the largest cog on the cassette with 25 teeth it would be hard work on hills carrying luggage .

The triple chainring ridgeback voyage would be my choice out of the two with a 32 tooth cog and 28 tooth granny ring.

Al depends on what you want to do with the bike.


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I have one of their bikes as a round town runabout (MX4 mtb slicked and racked) and very pleased with it.

Nearly bought a Voyage, and although it lost to a second hand Dawes Horizon I was very impressed by it. Their Panorama is the nearest to the Galaxies and quite a bit cheaper than he Dawes bikes.


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Ridgeback Century - 700+ miles - Brilliant


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I was in the same boat as you a few months ago in that I was searching over the internet for Ridgeback century reviews and didn't really have much to go on.

I visited my LBS and tried the bike out, pretty much instantly fell in love with it.

Very light, double butted steel frame and carbon forks.

Eyes for pannier rack and mud guards - crucial for big rides and all year commuting.

I've fitted a new saddle to mine and a shorter stem as my torso is much shorter.

Great bike, you can easily take the guards and rack off and you've got a road bike.

I'm very happy with the groupset and haven't had any problems. I'd say for the money It's a near perfect bike and so versatile.


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Thanks all food for thought
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