Ridgeback Horizon...whaddya think?

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jay clock

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Hampshire UK
Quick comments needed. I saw this in my LBS today and it seems like a great winter road bike, poss light tourer/commuter


It is reduced from £500 to £350. Seems to have Shimano Sora front and rear mech, chainset (triple) and levers. Nice silver colour. Includes the mudguards and Conti tyres.

I haven't really got room for it and may have to lose the Carerra Subway town bike to get space for a new one. But it will allow me to keep the Scott roadbike for nice days......

There is only one left......
It got a reasonable review in the CTC magazine (Feb/Mar 07). I can copy it and send it to you if you PM me. Nick
jay, I know you wanted quick comments but ...

I was looking a coupe of months back. Thought I could do better with only a little more spend but would snap it up at £350 and then spend the £150 saving plus a bit later on upgrading.
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