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i've been in the market for a new road for a few months, been looking at the usual offering at evans and leisures lake but nothing caught my eye. Yesterday i on the way home i spotted a LBS so i popped in for some inner tubes.
when i spotted a ridley fenix it really stood out to me. Had a quick chat with the owner about the bike seems ideal for my needs.
But theres not much info on the internet about this bike or ridley road bikes in general.Just wondering if anybody as one or knows anything about them.
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Belgian manufacturer, used by one of the Pro Tour teams, forget which.

Generally a respected brand from what I have heard & read, don't know much more about them really.
Belgian manufacturer, used by one of the Pro Tour teams, forget which.

Generally a respected brand from what I have heard & read, don't know much more about them really.
Lotto Belisol use the Ridley Helium:thumbsup:


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Ridley is probably the numero uno in cyclocross they do things like making the top tube flat underneath to ease carrying on the shoulder. The Noah, which is top of their road range is a great bike although I am not sure how many animals two by two you can get in one:smile: Mountain Equipment Coop here in Canada recently stocked them and some are on sale right now.
I think my bottom line is that the frames are excellent but you need to check the components to see if they fit your criteria.



I don't know much about them but I was talking to a chap who works at a LBS which mainly stocks Giant and he didn't rate them at all. I kind of thought he was abit of a jerk TBH so perhaps he was just giving it the sales patter and trying to rubbish a brand they don't sell. He did state Giant make better frames byt that's his opinion, not mine.

Personally other than knowing they are from Belgium I don't really know anything about them. I guess the frames are probably made in Taiwan in a Giant owned factory like pretty much most bikes these days unless it is hand built in Italy...


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Well I only own 2(although it would be 3 if I could have stretched to one of the cross bikes).

Fair to say I'm well chuffed with both of mine and I was looking at a Fenix before I picked up my Helium frame.Build quality is really good especially the Helium with a nice paint finish.

The Fenix is the one-day classic frame and is a bit sturdier(ie heavier) than either of the Heliums(there is a standard and sl version);there's also an ally version and a disc brake variant as well.
The frames are made in China and Taiwan but not in any of Giants I don't think.

Lotto Belisol use the Ridley Helium:thumbsup:
They also use the Fenix for the classics,the Dean for TT's and the Noah which is for the sprinters(like a venge/propel)

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The Noah fast has been on my dream bike list for a year or so.

Last year, I was riding around a lock in Scotland, at full pelt and was caught by a 70 year old on a stunning noah fast. We stopped at a tea stop and chatted..He was an awesome rider, who had been competing all his adult life and his bike was epic...I was an instant fan.

he swore by Ridley.. And most things Belgium, (was banging on a bit about Eddie Merckx) .I had never even heard of Ridley before this encounter.
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