Rido R2 saddle


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I bumped into a cyclist who commutes to work in same building as me. He raved about his new Rido R2 saddle which he says gives him no numbness and no backside pain whatsoever whether it's on his 26 mile (each way) commute or longer (I assume club judging by his kit) rides (he completed a 100 miler on it at the weekend).

I'm conscious that saddles are a very individual thing but I am considering a replacement for my standard issue (Outland Race) saddle on my road bike and this sounds like a candidate. It is seriously ugly and not in any way sleek but it sounds like it is worthy of consideration - particularly at sub-£30.

Has anyone got any experience of the same saddle ? Incidentally the R2 is apparently an improvement on the original and a carbon version is due out shortly.


For me, worst saddle ever - sitting on razor blades would have been more comfortable. 25 mile ride saw me ride the last 10 miles standing up. Dan Joyce of CTC/C+ really likes his - everyone's backside is different. I see the price has crept up quite a bit as well - for £30+ there's a lot of choice out there.
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