RIP Cyclist - John Johnson, 50.


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I have seen the flowers at the scene of this incident and the road that it happened on had nothing that could have obscured the cyclist from the drivers sight. A truely saddening story of a life cut short by a motorist not paying attention to the road. Judge Peter Fox has a bad reputation for lenient sentences from most comments on the linked news / website.

My thoughts are with the victims family, but also with the driver as this is something that will haunt him.
And again the driver lied and blamed the cyclist for swerving into himto try to wriggle out of it. How remorseful of him indeed! :biggrin:


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Sad indeed for John Johnson and his family.

Prosecutor Christine Egerton said: “The precise reason for the collision is unknown.
“It is assumed that he failed to see the deceased and simply drove into him.”
And Jones claimed,

.... he saw Mr Johnson 200 yards away and moved to the right to pass him, but the cyclist veered to the right and struck his car. The evidence disputed this and showed it could not have happened. The judge said Jones might have convinced himself of this version.
And yet the judge then describes Jones as,

“You are plainly a man of decency, industry, being well spoken of by those close to you, and in particular your employers.”

Why is the driver asking for forgiveness? Is that the only reason he apologised so he doesn't have a guilty conscience?

Judge Peter Fox QC, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, read out part of motorist Michael Jones’s letter to the court, saying he hoped it would help.
Jones said: “My only hope and wish is that the family of Mr Johnson know how truly sorry and how utterly remorseful I am for what happened on that tragic day.
“I know it’s no consolation to the pain that they must feel, but I hope one day they will be able to find it in their hearts to forgive me, although I know we will all pay the price of this tragedy for the rest of our lives.”
Did Jones not make a verbal apology in court to the Johnson family :biggrin:?

Asking for forgiveness ............ what an arrogant man.
Unfortunate similarities to a case in Rosyth, the driver (a saint who wasn't speeding) said the cyclist was on the wrong side of the road, when officers investigated, they found him to be a lying b'stard. The driver was speeding and it was him that was on the wrong side of the road. He got off with it too :-(


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I am convinced that should you want to off someone and get away with it, all you need to do is run them over (or pay someone else to do it for you - both of you would walk from court). F***ing ridiculous.
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