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I was on my normal drive into work this morning when I got to these lights they were on red. A few cars came over then stooped. Lights went to green so I started to go over bridge which is quite narrow. I was met on the downside by a cyclist, in his 40's, coming towards me:ohmy:. He had passes the queue of traffic waiting at the lights and was going for it. Coming down the hill you can see diddly squat. Going up little more. He continued over bridge brushing one car and a Transit (mm to spare).
A contender for the Dartwin awards or what. He didn't look like a regular biker but someone who had borrowed his sons bike to get to work.
Nice map of Great Britain,thanks.;)


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guitarpete247 said:
Never done that before:blush:.
I'll try to put streetview on when I get home. I'm at work at mo and there might be some restrictions on system.
I doubt it. It should be a simple as finding it on the map and then clicking the "Link" button for the text to paste ;)
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