RLJing Fool


Just call me Chris...
He’s probably lucky the guy in front in the BMW wasn’t in a hurry!

I'll say :biggrin:

What the hell was going through his mind ? (very nearly a bumper)
This chap probably thinks RLJing is safe:rolleyes:

I think you probably have less incidents in London because drivers are more accustomed to cyclists than here in Glasgow. :biggrin:


I used to rlj when it was safe

it's patently not safe to cross lanes of traffic with the right of way is it

I watched a bloke jump every single red light on my route last night, including nags head where he edged out and out and out and eventually crossed the lane of traffic crossing his path an actually made the car stop for him, I can only presume the car driver thought the lights had changed

that bloke is the video is a cretin and derves to be knocked down and hurt, there I said it
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