RLJs, again

mark i

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I was watching the telly on Sunday evening. It was on ITV4 and there was a massive pack of cyclists on. They arrived at a red light, and all cycled through it. What made it worse was there were policemen around and none of them did anything.

From the road layout it looked like they were somewhere they drive on the right, perhaps France?

What is the world coming to??


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I saw that. It's a bleedin' disgrace.


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Still, not a lazy as those posers who were just driving about with their bikes on the car roof. Get out and ride you idle buggers!
It happened in Edinburgh on Saturday as well. Even suited gents on folders were flying through them.


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South Manchester
And they have a habit of running dogs over.....

And what's this about a certain American that likes to ride over Farmer's crop fields..... there are perfectly good roads you know !
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