Road bike 56cm or larger - £850 or less


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Hello folks.
I've finally slaved away for 4.98 an hour at my god awful summer job to be in the brilliant position where I have a bank account without a negative total for the first time in the past year (damn you student interest free overdraft - DAMN YOU!) and enough money to spend on a new bike ^_^

I've not entirly sure if I should go down the second hand market and get better value for money or buy my first ever road bike (looking at the cheapest canyon and rose - I'm a sucker for bike porn...) and have the advantage of a warranty of a lovely, brand new shiny bike.

So, I have come to the great people of cyclechat with a question - Can you help!?
A second hand road bike, that is at least 56cm but less than 60 (I'm tall but don't like riding big bikes. I've tried a few and I've always felt happiest on a 56/57/58cm)
I'd like it to have at least 105 or Sram equivalent.
I'd like a decent wheel set - but I've got a set of shimano rs30 I can stick on until funds allow better so its not the be all and end all.
It needs to be pretty - Ideally black or red.

And thats it :laugh:
I don't have a preference between alu and carbon - As long as its a well made, responsive frame I'll be chuffed.



Giant Defy 1 go for £750-£800 2nd hand

Edit : white


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Giant stores have the Defy 1 for £800 new in their sale - if you can find the right size in stock :smile:


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Twickenham store - you'd need to call them. They had a medium in the store, but you'd need to ask them to check stock levels with Giant HQ. They don't have a website, you cannot buy online. IIRC you are in the North - they may deliver? They have a new store in York However, they are franchises, so dk if they have the same deals as each other

Didn't you get something else in the end?


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st neots
personally id go 2nd hand, and look out for a van nick minstral or euros, its Ti so you wont have to worry about unseen damage and there frames come with a lifetime warrenty that is transferable to the new owner.


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Hi not sure if your still looking or not
If so have a look at my bike which is for sale on Gumtree
Please don't hesitate to contact me through this forum or gumtree if you have any questions
Best wishes
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