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    I'm looking for a road bike that is good in terms of won't cause me any problems, parts are not cheap, fairly good but most of all is relatively LIGHT for the price range. One of the reasons for it having to be light is that I will have to be carrying it a lot (and I don't want a folding bike!).

    I would be interested in both flat bars and drop down bars. For instance the Scott Speedster s50FB I have below is a flat bar.

    I have found currently:

    Boardman Comp - 8.9kg - £700
    Scott speedster s50 - 9.4kg - £599

    Scott speedster s50 FB- 9.4kg - £550
    B'Twin Fitness 3 FB - 10kg (but this is for the largest frame, I am S/M) - £499

    Thanks so much
  2. shippers

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    Sunny Wakefield
    I wouldn't worry too much about the weight- the Specialized Allez 24 is £529 and 10kg, making it as heavy as the Speedster S50 with a full water bottle!
    The allez double- same bike, fewer gears is £499, and 9.76kg, but not as good a bike.
    Carbon forks will save a couple of hundred grams, but will push the price up by £100 or so.

    Get the best bike for riding as you can- the difference in weight probably won't be noticed as much as getting the right bike for riding.
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