Road finds 2019


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I hope you checked the Best Before Date before swallowing:smile:.

Tail End Charlie

Well, write it down boy ......
I found this yesterday. An air compressor drill. I do have an air compressor, but for the amount of drilling I do, I'd use my electric drill. Goodness knows why I picked this up, it weighs about a kilo and I lugged it round all day.

Mind you, I also found this, which, after cleaning, is much more useful.

Accy cyclist

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I haven't found one decent thing worth mentioning,but I've lost plenty of decent things,like that Castelli fold up jacket,those 50 quid shades,that small saddlebag that somehow fell off and my front door key which was on a lanyard around my neck.:sad:

Edit...Ooops sorry,i've just seen the thread is about things found(and lost) in 2019. I'd just like to point out that my losses have occurred over the last few years and not just in 2019.:thanks:
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