Road shoes

Many brands to choose from ... Best to try on a few to see which fits your foot the best.
Sidi(carbon wire) is one that fits my feet .Thought it may not fit yours.
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jack smith

What are you looking for mainly? Stiffness, comfort, ect ive got some dmt radial 2 shoes and they have the stiffest sole ive found however they are adjusted by three velcro straps so dont always get as tight as id like .


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Any suggestions for a pair of summer road shoes? Thinking of Giros. Up to approx £120.
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What size ?

Might be able to help, I have 2 boxed pairs never used that I didn't send back in time for a refund (wrong size for me).
Northwave, carbon soles in white/blue & Gaerne in black.

Personally my all time faves are Gaerne G Chrono's but they are pricey, fit is fantastic for me, now that I know my correct size.

Italian brands are almost always much smaller fitting than advertised if this helps at all.
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