Road wheel on a MTB fork?


Just call me Chris...
Will if fit?

Obviously I could just try it, but my bikes in the shop at the moment and I'm scheming.

I'm gonna buid some wheel soon and just need an old fork to hold the wheel for truing etc and I didn't really want to chop up the hybrid I'm giving away unless I have to.

I have an old MTB frame in the garden which would be better to use.

Anyone know?

Wheels are standard 700, forks for a standard MTB tyre (rigid fork)

Steve Austin

The Marmalade Kid
yes it will fit.

the outer circumference for a mtb wheel and a road wheel is almost the same anyway. with tyres i should add


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Yep, I used an old MTB frame with 700c wheels (and some dodgy drilling to fot the rear brake! as a commuting bike a few years back.
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