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Couple of questions...

I was wondering if anyone has reported miscreants to RoadsafeLondon and ever found out if any action has been taken?

I'm a little unclear as to its remit because on one hand they say that they want to know about people driving under the influence or without insurance etc. but then they say that if you want to report bad driving with a view to prosecution then you need to front up at the local police station. But wouldn't you report people driving under the influence with a view to them being prosecuted?

I've caught a fair few people on camera running red lights and using their mobiles whilst driving; if I go straight to the company they work for (if they're not in a private vehicle), I generally get a positive response, i.e. that the persons' been given a warning. However, I've never received a response from Roadsafe.

I've got clear footage of a van driver sailing through 2 red lights on the roundabout just before Lambeth Bridge this morning whilst he was making a phone call - I guess the only way to be sure something is done about this is to go to the police in person.... Has anyone ever done that??


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All the time, Roadsafe are great. Nowadays they have started to give much more feedback than just the template reply, but even with the old system you knew they were working as every now and then you'd get an irate driver complaining about how his privacy had been breached coming on the video and commenting.

Report it all, and let Roadsafe sort the innocent from the guilty. [/oldschoolcatholicapproach]
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