Roasted and Salted Wasabi Peas...

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Thanks for sharing :laugh: :smile:


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...on the slake
Burp - I'll let you know of any benefits, hair restorative or otherwise shortly.

I would have shared them out but I couldn't stop eating them and I can't stuff my face and type at the same time.

I'm now trying to resist a big bag of vegetable crisps...
Cleethorpes. 3bm saw two sitting on a chair only last weekend...


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twentysix by twentyfive said:
I'm very traditional:-

Salted Roasted Peanuts :tongue:

But I looked at the calories on the packet :wacko: :laugh:

It's alright, they are an important source of salts and protein lost after day riding. Preferably washed down with an isotonic malty beverage.
In case anyone didn't know....
You can get them at Tesco's. They're on the shelf just above the cassava crisps...:wacko:
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