Robert MacNeil seems to think he's Matthew Parris


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Hmmm... definitely not another Monsignor Paris. I think a lot of it was penned with his tongue stuck firmly in his cheek for a start and for another he has a good point. Going for a walk along any canal nowadays is just not worth it, the constant ting tings are just too irritating for words. I can see where this guys hostility has come from totally.

We need places where we can just walk, on our own, with friends or family, without the constant fear of getting in some bloody cyclists way and being tinged at! :thumbsup:


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Bloody good troll! I liked the bit later about burdz having Caesareans because they were too scared to give birth through the normal channels....


Well, it looks like all the old material re-packaged and re-presented as new. If he's categorizing all cyclists in this way, I can only conclude that I'm not one, and the metal object I've been propelling myself upon all these years is a figment of someone's imagination...;) ... Certainly I don't 'do' paths in the way he complains of. Admittedly, on a recent morning along the bit of bridle path I simply have to use, I said my usual - as courteous as I can get it - 'excuse me' to a woman blocking my path. She stepped aside and I - carefully - eased past. All well - so I thought - except that I got a very vinegary remark from her: something like 'shouldn't be cycling here' - spoken softly, perhaps she was worried I might hear her... Some people you'll never satisfy.


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It's not meant to be taken seriously, he makes a good point but it's not a serious article. Attila the Hun on a Penny farthing - brilliant.


Dressed as Dafydd, the only cyclist in the village, they cause aesthetic offence in their lurid costumery.

I must admit I do feel like that sometimes. Not the costumery comment though - don't they know my Endura top was hand picked and lovingly printed by half naked Scottish maidens? :wacko:
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