Rockrider 5.1


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I got a Decathlon Rockrider 5.1 in 2006 to replace an older Raleigh mountain bike which was too small for me.

I never used either of them lots as I was at school full time and my main hobby has always been computers so most of my spare time was spent sat at a desk.

However, in 2009 when I started cycling everywhere on the Rockrider I had problems with the gears and brakes, and an out of true rear wheel.

I think I will just put that down to lack of use and lack of maintenance (and lack of knowledge of how to maintain it properly).

But I always thought the Raleigh bike felt better quality.

I'm just curious if anyone else has had any experience with Rockriders, as I have heard that Decathlon bikes tend to be good quality.

Doesn't really matter to me now as I bought a new Specialzed bike as the Rockrider is also now too small for me. I might have a fiddle with the Rockrider though and see if I can improve it.
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