Roof Box Bike Safe Bike Boxes x2

I have 2 of these boxes for sale after needing to get our bikes home safely after aborting a world tour. They did that - both bikes worth £2,500 each arrived home with not even a scratch on the box.

What is an issue however, is that I don't have anywhere to store them now I am back in the UK.
They are big, sturdy, and basically not throwable, so they have some back without so much as a scratch on them. When I say big, I mean big btw. What they don't mention is that they will bring you close to any 30kg weight limit for bikes on airlines, but we were lucky - they were not actually weighed.

So, they cost £265 new. The were both brand new in February 2012 and I have no room to store them, so they are in a shed at my mum's in Stoke-On-Trent/Crewe area. Size wise, well 1 will fit in a toyota carolla with the back seats down and the other on the roof...

I can't cycle far - the reason for coming home, a dog redesigned my left leg leaving me needing +100 stitches and rehab is slow and we won't be needing them, can't store them, so £150 each or £250 for the two and they are yours.

My photos will follow, I can't drive the loaned vehicle we have and am reliant on OH for transport and he works in the opposite direction, so wiggle link and the image below will give you an idea.



Blurb from Wiggle...
"Top Features of the Roof Box Bike Safe Bike Box
This high quality case has an ABS strike-proof shell moulded around an aluminium frame. The shell is double thickness around the wheels on the bottom corners for added strength. The wheels are free running with reinforced axles.
  • Exterior: 128.0 (L) x 88.0 (W) x 32.5 (H) cm
  • Interior: 126.0 (L) x 85.0 (W) x 32.0 (H) cm
  • Weight: 13.8kg
The removable aluminium anti-shock frame holds the frame and wheels steady to prevent friction or compression damage. There is plenty of additional interior padding to protect your bike, minimum disassembly is required - only the wheels need to be removed. There is an anti compression disk included to reinforce the centre of the case.

The 4 locks are flush fitting and it has 3 strengthened hinges. It is also designed for stacking, so particularly suitable for team use. Additional features on the case are 4 lifting handles, one folding pulling handle, which makes it easy to move around.....There's plenty of room to stow other gear too."


price drop... £125 each or £200 for the pair? anyone?
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