Round the IOW route?

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Kirton, Devon.
My cycling neighbours, drunks, players of the game of life are planning our annual boys biking trip. This is an opportunity for cycling, bonhomie and beer.
After our multi-punctural sojourn across East Anglia last year we are planning an Abbers to Lymington Day 1, Round the IOW day 2 and say Lymington to Bournmouth for final drink-fuelled shenanigans on the final day :sad:....then train home.

Question there a good/classic round the IOW cycle route, and if so, how far?


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I don't believe there's an official route but try this as a starter? mills&context=all


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You can either go round clockwise or, controversially, counter-clockwise :sad:. I haven't done either myself, but I understand it is fairly easy to navigate, except for going through Cowes, and it is suprising hilly.
Cyclewight HAs multiple routes

And the Official Randonnee / Round the Island Route

Good cycling, but the South side is Hilly and windswept at times.

Otherwise gradients tend to be sharp and step, but not too long.

There is also a Ferries Cycle Route:

Lymington to Ryde to Gosport to Portsmouth to Hayling, to Havant, over Portsdown to Warsash, to Southampton to Hythe to Lymington

Ferries at Lymington, Ryde, Gosport, Hayling, Warsash and Hythe

You can extend this by travelling round the Island to make up the distance.

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FF, the Round Island Route is signposted with a symbol (a diamond, I think). I've done it twice on a sportive the IoW tourist board organise in September. They also have a rough map available from tourist offices and maybe by post. It's a lovely route on quiet roads for the most part and as has been said it's got more than a few lumps with 2 big climbs at the western end. I did it clockwise from Ryde and it is about 65 miles.
I'd highly recommend it.
The route is quite well signed - the signs are either a blue IoW symbol on white background, or white on blue, depending which way round you're going (and occasionally the route differs slightly) It's worth picking up a map at the TIC when you land, as we've seen a few of the signs have been 're-aligned'.
The main problem withthe Clockwise and anti-clockwise is where you start!
The South side is a slog either way, simply shorter and sharper in one direction.

Fishbourne / Ryde are on ahilly section and the final climbs are more intense on the Clockwise route.
For Yarmouth there isa fairly relaxed approach from either direction. Clockwise would see you finishing on tracks and flat (unless you detur for the needles as suggeted "elsewhere") after the South Coast slog.
Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Kirton, Devon.
Guys, superb advice as ever, I'll print this off plus some of the link info and chuck it into the pot at Saturdays planning a local Indian establishment followed by liquid entertainment...
Looks a goer to me.
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