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Hi all

I m looking to commute from Bracknell Berkshire to Egham Surrey does anyone know of a good route to and from these places? I'm looking for the quickest and safe'est routto take.

Cheers for any help

Or a search engine like to see what routes other folk take. :biggrin:


I'd take the A329 through Ascot and onto the A30 at Virginia Water. I've ridden those routes fairly frequently and they are mostly pretty good cycling roads and it's only about 10 miles (depending on exactly where you are starting finishing).

That said, though, I have been going to Egham from Maidenhead fairly frequently recently and I have gone through Windsor and along the Thames to Runnymede. That route is completely free of hills from me, though you wouldn't have that benefit from Bracknell.

Plan C would be going into the Great Park and off the A332 at Cranbourne Gate, then you can head through The Village and out past Savill Garden. That's a run I've been doing several times a week and is beautifully quiet.
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