RSF North Sussex & Gatwick area

Tim Hall

A reminder for RSF members and other interested people in the North Sussex & Gatwick Area for tomorrows "Plan your Own Route" ride to the Dolphin Inn in Betchworth tomorrow Tuesday 16th Jan 2018 meet from 12:15pm. Full detaills on the the events page on the RSF website:
Now there's a thing. Are you the bloke down as organising it? Because that's a familiar name from the dim and distant past.
It was a great ride Sunny all day, however, after all the rain we had the Bridleway were a tad wet and Muddy, one was flooded so much it was impassable. Lunch was held at the Dolphin Inn in Betchworth. The one down side was the Cafe (Blu-Moon) at Holmwood which was the start point for 2 of us was closed, so no breakfast,
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