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Went into the side of Fiat on the home commute this afternoon. Stopped at traffic lights. Lights opposite were also on red to allow traffic from side road on my left to enter the main road. Opposite lights turned green, including a right filter lane. When my lights lights changed to green I moved to cross the junction and a driver on the opposite side of the road ignored the filter no longer being lit and cut across my route.
Apart from cuts and bruising to elbow and hip no obvious injury, although I expect to be sore tomorrow judging from stiffness creeping in.
I have reported the incident to the police and have a statement to make.
No obvious bike damage apart from wheel out of alignment with handlebars, which I corrected after details exchanged, including those of a very kind witness. - I rode the bike home the remaining 7 or so miles and didn't notice anything obvious. Having said that I don't recall a great deal of the journey, so tomorrow in the garage with a fresh pair of eyes might reveal something.
Given I hit him from a relatively short standing start, I would estimate my impact speed to have been around 10 - 12 mph. Could there be internal damage to the carbon forks, or are they more robust than that? The rest of the bike is aluminium.
What are the signs of possible internal damage? Paint cracks?
Can any decent LBS check for damage or is it more specialised?


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Carbon forks are pretty robust. Just give them and the frame a thorough check. Paint cracks or ripples in the frame are a tell tale. I've crashed twice with carbon forks. Once into a taxi and once from behind but the bike bounced down the road.


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Check behind the headtube. Any ripples in the paintwork on the underside of the two tubes, can be a sign of more serious damage.
Any decent LBS should be able to check for damage. If found, most know the procedure and can provide a written estimate for insurance companies too.
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