Rusty chain and cassette


Keep Calm and OMG.......CAKES!!
What's the best way to clean up a rusty chain and cassette?

My neighbour's just realised his shed is leaking very badly.
He's only had his bike 2 months and his chain looks like it's been left outside for months.

Can they be cleaned up or is it new chain and cassette time?
In my opinion unless its a expensive chain probably not the worth the hassle of trying to de-rust it, they are a consumable buy another. Most cassettes can be taken apart and individual sprockets quite easily de-rusted with a wire brush etc depends how bad it is and the cost of a new one.

Hugh Manatee

As Harry said, it is possible. Once my rather shiney Campag Chorus chain and cassette became rather rusty. I used a wire brush on the chain and then smothered the whole lot in oil. I used the stuff in my old fashioned oil can, one of those with the little trigger pump. Probably diff/gearbox oil or something.

I then went for a 25 mile ride changing gear up and down the cassette as often as possible. By the time I got back the chain was a lovely shade of dark ochre. Several changes of solvent in the chain cleaner later and the chain was back to its silver best. I periodically take the cassette off and clean it a sprocket at a time anyway and that restored as well.

Worth a try.


Keep Calm and OMG.......CAKES!!
Thanks for the replies. It does seem rather a faff to clean them up

I did suggest a new chain and cassette myself but I'm not sure he wants to spend the money on new bits
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