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    Isle of Man
    Was looking to purchase a set of Oakleys for my cycling so I could alternate lenses etc and I really like Oakleys.

    Oakley have a designer section on their website to create your own custom Oakleys, it allows you to try different frames / colours / ear socks and lenses etc.

    I knocked up a nice set up on their website and was indicated that they would be approx £245.

    I then looked around for internet companies that could order custom Oakleys.

    I stumbled across www.rxsport.co.uk and sent them the custom oakley specification via their website form. I received an email pretty quickly to inform me that they would be £175 from themseleves.

    I then sent many questions about other lenses / polarisation / iridium coatings and recommendations on lenses for weather conditions, each time the emails were promptly replied to by James and I then eventually settled on a package including another lens.

    I was kept informed the whole way about how long it would take, when they would take payment and when I would expect to receive them.

    All in all from ordering to receiving was about 5 working days.

    So very impressed with the service indeed.

    Check them out for sunglasses even prescription sunglasses !!

    Highly recommended.

    Shady :smile:
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