Sabbath Aspire Titanium frameset


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I have forsale a Sabbath Aspire 54cm Titanium frameset

It comes complete with carbon forks, headset and spacers and 100mm Ritchey stem, hollowtech II bottom bracket

The frame has done around 900 miles has a few little marks, but can be buffed out lightley with wet/dry emery cloth, otherwise the frame is gorgoues.

Looking for offers around £750 posted via paypal gift

IMAG0462.jpg IMAG0463.jpg IMAG0465.jpg IMAG0466.jpg IMAG0464.jpg
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That's a bargain. Why couldn't you of been a bit taller. I,m after a 58. Would you recommend Sabbath.
Nice frame.

I went for Van Nicholas Ti frame because of the lifetime warranty. It seems that Ti frames used to suffer from welding fatigue and I didn't want to take the chance. Van Nicholas say they hardly ever have such problems anymore.


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When you say 54cm, which measurement /which frame size is it? How tall are you?
Good point - it could be a S or a M size depending on whether it is the seat tube or top tube measurement,

(BTW I think it is odd that the XL frame is only a 57.7 cm top tube, but that chart reckons it would fit someone who is 6' 6" tall. I am 6' 1" and (like many other people of my height) 58 cm is a good fit for me. Someone who is 6' 6" would normally be looking at 62+ cm.)

Anyway - nice frame - I hope someone snaps it up!


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So if it's the M, the TT is 55cm


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I still have this beautiful frame - does anyone want to make me an offer of

£500 for it
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