sabbath september 650b or 700cc?


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I'm in the market for a new road bike. I tend to cycle long distance and want something which is up to doing lejog carrying light camping gear (like 4kg).

I've narrowed it down to a few bikes either steel (fairlight strael, Brother stroma, thorn audax) or titanium (conder camino ti, sabbath september).

Currently i'm most enamoured with the sabbath september, mostly because there seem to be loads of positive reviews written by people who sound like they know their stuff. The versatility of sonder camino ti is the thing that really stands its favour. I like the idea of being able to swop out a pair of 700cc wheels with 650b to hit the rough stuff. I was wondering whether anyone could offer any advice on this: would it work for the September? does it mess with the frame angles? is it just a passing fad, or is there some real benefit to it?

The ribble version also looks lovely (cgr ti, advertised as working with 700 and 650) i'm just not convinced i can justify the extra £500..

Any advice gratefully received :smile:
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