Sad News About Jane Tomlinson

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She squeezed more into her remaining years than most of us pack into a lifetime. A very brave woman. Sympathies to her family.
She's been an inspiration and an example. She showed incredible courage and determination. I've often thought of her when I've found my spirits flagging. RIP and bless her.

Smokin Joe

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Jane Tomlinson

Just heard on the news that Jane Tomlinson has died.

I don't know how you would describe a REAL cyclist, but with the challenges she took on while suffering from cancer she was more of a real one than I will ever be.


SW London
This news made me feel surprisingly sad today. I guess it was inevitable of course but what she did in the last 7 years since her diagnosis was nothing short of incredible.


Started young, and still going.
Sad news. Shame on all the knockers who tried to say that she was not ill and was a fraud.


On reading the title, I wondered what it was she was doing now. Some other big trip. It doesn't seem that long ago she was in the headlines on a long ride (Trans America?).

I didn't occur to that she could have died. She just seemed indestructable.

Sad news.


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Doesn't make me feel sad in the slightest bit, she achieved amazing things that she probably (well definitely) would not have had she not been diagnosed with terminal cancer. What she has done is inspirational to all and her family can feel very proud of what she did although I do not doubt that they will miss her terribly, her memory will live on.


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I usually don't like to feel emotional about people I don't really know, I particularly hated the Diana circus but Jane does make a difference to my life.

Whenever I'm tempted to over-indulge in self-pity, I think about turning around a 6 month death sentence into 7 years of positive action through sheer determination. Always choose life, always make positive decisions, the alternative is simply a waste.

betty swollocks

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What she achieved made me think that she was indestructible, but she succumbed in the end.
An amazing and inspirational woman: bless her.
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